Top 10 Cryptocurrency


The first and most important or valuable cryptocurrency that we have to mention is called Bitcoin and we are sure you have heard about it before. This is the main cryptocurrency considered by many people and it has the biggest value. At one point the price of only 1 Bitcoin was near $20k which is unbelievable.


The second most popular cryptocurrency is called Ethereum, most people call it Ether and the reason why it is so popular is that it is a minable coin. This means that you can actually mine the coin at your home all you need is a good setup. Unlike Bitcoin, you need only a few quality graphics cards and you can start mining. That’s why so many people like ether, they invest into the hardware and let it mine the Ethereum. Later on, depending on the power and the price of the Ethereum, they can make their investment back and after that everything is just pure profit.


Some people might not agree with this, but we think that XRP is the third coin that you are going to need to learn about. We are taking all these information right from the live market ranking. Therefore, this ranking might change over time, but at this point, XRP is in third place.

Bitcoin Cash

Investing in Bitcoin might be too late because it has already had its high point of almost $20k. However, you have another option which is becoming more and more popular called Bitcoin Cash.


This is a very reliable coin that you can invest in if you don’t have a lot of money because the price of one EOS is around $5. In five years, people predict the price will jump to $1000 or even more. If that happens, you made a good investment.


Stellar is also a coin that you cannot mine, you can only invest in this coin. There are some more reliable options, but it takes the sixth place.


This coin was very popular at the beginning of the year and it has slowly dropped in popularity for various reasons. However, you can still mine it if you want to.


This is a very unique coin that you will have to learn about separately because it is very complicated to understand.


Cardano or ADA as some people call it is a quite reliable coin that you can invest into. We believe that in a year or less it will jump in price.


We truly believe that this coin will make history one day, even if it is on the 10th place now, we know that one day it will jump.

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