We can hear this all the time about cryptocurrencies, people and companies around the world who are controlling huge amounts of money like banks are not happy about cryptocurrencies and that is completely normal. Just imagine you are running a business and an alternative version comes up that offers much higher benefits. Well, it is normal that you will feel angry about those other versions because they will ruin your business. That’s how most banks are feeling about cryptocurrencies because they are a decentralized currency that has nothing to do with banks.

If cryptocurrencies ever become a popular thing around the world, we can be sure to hear more from various world banks because they won’t be satisfied with the changes. They will try to find something wrong with cryptocurrencies just to show people regular currency is far better. Of course, you can believe the banks and the government what they are telling you, but you can be sure that isn’t true. They just want to find some lies to tell people in order to prevent cryptocurrencies from becoming popular. Some banks such as the Netherland Central one is already doing that by publicly saying that they don’t consider cryptocurrencies to be money.

Entire Story

There are a lot of people who don’t know about cryptocurrencies and when they first hear about them it will be mostly from news where they will find things like that crypto isn’t money. these people will never learn about the various benefits of crypto compared to real currencies that we are using now. The government is in control of all the news even if you don’t realize that they are making changes without you even realizing that. Of course, they will not allow news to speak about crypto as a much better way of making payments and transactions. That isn’t going in their favor and they want to keep people away from the truth by simply not telling the whole story.

Of course, you can believe whatever you want, but the facts about cryptocurrency are here, you just have to do some research online about it because in the news you won’t hear about them. The Netherland Central bank says they don’t consider cryptocurrency to be money, well, it might not be a type of money they are dealing with, but it is a currency that can be used to make faster and safer transactions without their help.

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