Is Bitcoin Bubblicious?

A financial bubble is when a price for a security rises far above its actual value. Now, we can argue the Fundamentals of Bitcoin all day long and make bold calls. But I’m not going to use this blog post to do that (that’s what the internet was for on April 3, 2013). Instead, I’d like to take a simpler approach. Below are charts of major/well-known bubbles. See if they look anything like the recent Bitcoin run.

Bitcoin – $BCOIN $BTCUSD

(Up almost 1000% Year-to-date to the current high)










The infamous Tulip-mania bubble

(Start to High Return: 5,900%)




















The South Sea Bubble

(Isaac Newton return from 1st exit to high: ~500%)
















Nasdaq Bubble

(1999-High return: 150%)

Nasdaq Bubble


And now I’ll leave you with the traditional chart with the classic annotations of a typical bubble.

Bubble General














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