Is Oil About To Breakout To Higher Prices?

While inflation still stays fairly muted, oil prices have remained stubbornly high, and this is despite the “Shale Revolution“. But are prices about to go even higher?

Here’s a look at the monthly chart of Brent Crude Oil. You can see a nice symmetrical triangle that has setup throughout the last few years. If this breaks to the upside, we can see a nice pop in Brent to at least 125, and possibly even higher.

Brent Monthly


















And here’s a look at WTI Crude Oil. Similar pattern, but the symmetrical triangle is much more tighter. I’d trust this breakout less because not only is the timeframe shorter, but also the breakout from the 2008 high trendline (not drawn) in mid-2013 failed.

WTI monthly


















So while this breakout probably wont happen overnight, I’d be watching to see if it caught any momentum over the next 2 months.


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