How Much Are You Paying For Soup?

I just saw this chart posted on my stream. It shows the cost of a regular can of Cambell’s soup. As you see, it’s only become more expensive as the years have moved on. Typical for most foodstuffs & goods.

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Can of Soup Cost

Now, while that looks crazy (!), it doesn’t really show if its gotten expensive or not. How you ask? Well, just because it costs $0.87 today doesn’t mean it’s more expensive than the $0.10 in 1950. So what I did is I took the average wage for every year that was listed(*), and calculated what % of the average hourly wage the can cost. So basically, soup can cost/average wage.

[*Using other sources, I had to estimate for 1950, which was about $1.50, and 1960, which was about $2.45]

So here is what I got.  Basically, in 1950, the can of soup cost more than it did now despite the major price increase! However, the can of soup does cost more today than in 2007-2011. I’d expect this to level off in the next decade (Timestamp?).

Can of Soup cost per average wage




















[This obviously does not take into account quality, size, or any other factor….if someone can find me that data, I’d be more than happy to revise/update this post]

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