Commodities Are Breaking Down

I was browsing through some commodity charts, and I found a few that are breaking down as of late. Here they are. The $CRB (Commodity) index, while not at the lows, is still trending down since last September.

Just another side-note. Given the commodity weakness over the last year, it is not surprising to see PPI (Producer Price index) growth tepid over the past year.

The Charts

Copper Daily Chart ($JJC, $HG_F)

Copper July29


















Natural Gas ($UNG$NG_F)

NatGas July29


















Corn ($CORN, $ZC_F)

CORN july29


Soybeans ($ZS_F, $SOYB

(Note: The massive recent gap is due to a contract adjustment, but the most recent rollover seems to be real)

Soybeans July29


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