Apple Got Its Bounce….Now What?

Apple Inc. ($AAPL) reported earnings last week and it was not a disaster. After some volatility during the extended hours, AAPL opened the following morning down 3% & I said that “today will be very important“. Everybody was so negative and If it couldn’t bounce on the slight bit of good news that came out, then it was headed much lower and I would remain bearish on the stock as long as it acted “wrong”. However, after the open, I liked the way it was acting (so I took a position after $400 held).

But now that AAPL got its bounce, what now? Has the stock been acting constructive long-term? I think so, and here’s why.

The Chart

Below is a weekly chart of AAPL. After topping in September of last year, the stock has shown nothing but weakness and ‘sell the rip’ characteristics. However, recent price action has been bullish. What happens this week will be very important. First, I’d want to see a close over 420, which is a huge level on the daily. However, more importantly, I want a close above the weekly down-trend line. A close over this line signals a possible trend reversal. The first target (resistance) to the upside would be $500 (although the 475 ish area could provide some resistance as well). Above that, I’d be looking for that all-important 50 week moving average  which has proven in the past to provide support (would be possible resistance this time). Anything above that would likely take time (and frankly, I’d be surprised if we saw +540 anytime soon).

$AAPL – Apple Inc.

AAPL Weekly


(Disclousre: Long AAPL)


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