The Sky Is Always Falling: Why All Economic News Is Bad

So I was on Twitter the other day and I stumbled across this gem of a piece, titled “The Sky Is Always Falling: Why All Economic News Is Bad”. And frankly, it’s one of the best things I’ve read lately. Basically, the piece focuses on how everything in economics/markets can be viewed through a negative light. Even the best of news.

As I was reading it, I thought the piece was pretty recent – and it turns out it was written in The New Republic in 1989! This just goes to show you that there are some things in life that do not change, and pessimism/doomism is one of those things.

The piece, written by Gregg Easterbrook, was outstanding and I suggest reading it. It’s a quick read (4 pages). I might be the last one seeing it (I don’t know, it was written in 1989!), but this was definitely worth reposting for everyone to see.

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The Sky Is Always Falling:Why All Economic News Is Bad



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